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SG1 (HUN) Aldoboi Otti VK1 Kkl1 a2

Otti is a black and red female, born January 2001.  Her hip certification is a-fast normal, and her ZW number is 93.  Her breed survey rating is Kkl1 (2003-2004), and she has the VK1 title (Hungary's SchH1).  Her movement is gorgeously ground-covering and her temperament is excellent.

Her father is VA (HUN) Viernheimi Nick SchH2 Kkl1a, and her mother is V Aldoboi Ivett SchH1 Kkl1a.  Her pedigree includes such greats as VA1 (DK) Folemarken's Jasso, VA Mark v Haus Beck, VA Karly v Arminius, and linebreeding is  4-4 VA (IT) on VA Marit v Wildsteiger Land, 5,5,5-5 on VA1 Uran v Wildsteiger Land, 5-5 on VA Fedor v Arminius, and 5-5 on VA Gina v Finkenschlag.

Special thanks to Dr. Peter Banfe of Banffy Haus for allowing us to bring Otti into the NorsStar family!


Kessy vom Cherusker a1

Kessy is a grey sable female, born December 2001.  Her hip certification is a-normal, and her ZW number is a super-low 73!  She's very athletic, with nice working-type structure.  She has given us beautiful puppies with rich pigment, and carries the black recessive.

She's a daughter of SG Natz v Heiligenbsch SchH3 (litter brother of Nick), and has great working dogs such as Timmy, Gildo and Dingo in her background.



NorsStar's Axel TT-2138-GSD OFA-Good

Axel is a black sable male, born July 2000.   Axel's conformation is correct without being extreme, his pigment is dark and rich, and his temperament is alert, lively and quick.  He's quite intelligent and learns quickly.

His sire was imported from Czechoslovakia, and holds SchH3 and IPO2 working titles.   His mother was born in the US, and her breeding is predominantly West German.  His bloodlines contain well-known Czech and West German dogs, including Pohranicni straze, Barenfang and Kirschental.


Ussi aus Agrigento TT-2139-GSD a1

Ussi is a black and red female, born October 2000.  Her hip certification is a-normal, and she has a ZW number of 80.  Her conformation is typical of the German highline show dogs, and she has a beautiful trot!  Unfortunately, she also has a thyroid condition and will not be bred.

Her sire is V Wallace aus Agrigento SchH3, who is also the sire of the 2003 USA Sieger Hooper vd Rohburg.  Her dam is VA Xena aus Agrigento SchH3.  Ussi's breeder is the well-known SV judge Herr Leonhard Schweikert.  For 4 generations, all her ancestors are rated VA or V.  Ussi is linebred 5,5-5,5 on VA Uran v Wildsteiger Land and VA Gundo v Trienzbachtal.




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