Antares vom NorsStar (Axel/Kessy son)

'Tar" is owned by Chuck Schmeltz of Syracuse NY,

and is in training at Salzstadt SchH Club


                4 weeks                                    7 months               16 months, with helper Josh Scutt







V Wick v Buchhorn SchH3 Kkl1a                     SG1 Aldoboi Otti VK1 Kkl1a


Sire:   VA1 Bax vd Luisenstrasse SchH3 a           Sire:   VA1 (Hun) Viernheimi Nick SchH2 a

Dam:  V Liss v Murrtal SchH2 a                           Dam:  V Aldoboi Ivett SchH1 a





Health and hips of all pups fully guaranteed. References available upon request.

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