NorsStar German Shepherds


NorsStar's Axel TT-2138-GSD OFA-Good

Axel is a black sable male, born July 2000.   Axel's conformation is correct without being extreme, his pigment is dark and rich, and his temperament is alert, lively and quick.  He is 'on patrol' in the house 24/7, and loves to play with puppies.

His sire was imported from the Czech Republic, with SchH3 and IPO2 working titles and Cadaver Search certification.   His dam was born in the US, and her breeding is predominantly West German.  His bloodlines are Czech and German, including Gent od Policie,  Iwo Buschecke, and Pohranicni straze &  Barenfang dogs.


Eric vom Kirschental CGC TT-2298-GSD, OFA hips & elbows

Eric is a very masculine black and red male, born October 2002.  This dog has a confident and exuberant attitude, a strong desire to please and excellent conformation.  He's a son of VA Vando Moorbeck SchH3 KKl1a and  V Aische v Kirschental HGH Kkl1a.  In 4 generations, over 92% of Eric's ancestors have a1 hips, which is the highest rating given.  Based on his parents' numbers, I calculate Eric's ZW number to be 79.5.

Eric's keeping busy with herding and obedience training.