NorsStar German Shepherds

V Diva v Unendlichen Geschichte SchH1 Kkl1a owned by NorsStar German Shepherds
Krista and Diva working obedience under the guidance of T Floyd at a seminar given Jul 12& 13, 2008 at Clearcreek Bauernhof kennel
Diva practicing the hold & bark (helper T Floyd)


Brando vom NorsStar owned by Fred Stallworth, Seattle WA

Brando at SAR (Search and Rescue) training

pictured at 1 year

Brando working sheep with handler/owner Fred Stallworth

pictured at 3 years


Antares vom NorsStar   trained by Chuck Schmeltz, Syracuse NY; helper is Josh Scutt.  Tar is now a working K9 for a Sheriff dept. in Michigan
At 2 years old, Tar is working well on the schutzhund field -hard-hitting, full-mouth grips every time!


Kessy vom Cherusker   owned by NorsStar German Shepherds, Lebanon, OH
Tar's mother with

handler/owner Krista